past events

  • On Jan 8th 2017 we organised Indo-British Fashion workshop.

  • On 26th Feb, 2017 Talk by Vishala Reddy, Founder and Director Indencity on Physical Literacy.

  • On 11th June 2017, talk & workshop by Anjali Agrawl on Ergonomics and posture management can be used in our day to day life as a family.

  • On 8th March 2017 we organized Women’s’ day celebration.

  • On 27th August 2017 we had a talk by Mr.Rama Rao on his U.K Experience.

  • Session by Mr.Vincent on easy mathematics simplifications, on 15th October 2017.

  • On 19th November 2017 a National seminar organised by Prof. Lakshman Rao on Quality education, in association with Sujatha degree college for women.

  • Workshop on Soft Skills by Ms Lakshmi Nippani on 21st January 2018.

  • Women's days event. Our chief guest Dr.Radha Rani ,honorable guest Ms.Rashmi Thakur. And a special performance by our special guest Ms.Shanti Tivari on 8th March 2018.

  • Talk on Alternate dispute resolution at ICARD by Mr.JLN Murthy on 9th March 2018.

  • Talk on "Facets of Law" by our President Mr.Vijayanandan Reddy 25th March 2018.

  • On 15th April 2018 we had a presentation on stray bird photography by Anand Vishvanadha.

  • On 15th July 2018 ABS organised the prestigious Indo-British Business Meet at the Radisson Hotel.